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How do I create and share H5P content for my course?

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This guide goes over the basics for creating and sharing interactive H5P content. If you need to add content to your course site, LDT has a guide for using H5P on Canvas. The guide for turning course materials into H5P content discusses ways of adapting your ideas.

It's recommended that users create and edit content on the UVA H5P website rather than through Canvas. The H5P content editor works best with Google Chrome and chromium-based browsers.

Access H5P @ UVA

At virginia.h5p.com you can create, edit, manage, and share your H5P content. Once you log in, you will see a file system meant for you to organize your H5P, such as by course.

Create Content

There are two differently functioning buttons to create H5P content. Be sure you are using the "Add Content" button best for your situation. 

The upper button (in the top right corner) will create content in your "My Content" home folder, and the lower button (near the top left corner) will place the new H5P in the folder you are viewing.

Content Hub

The Content Types Hub displays the available types of H5P activities and presentations at UVA. Clicking somewhere in a row will open a blank version of the type.

By clicking "Details" to on the right, you can view a description and examples of the type.

The H5P Hub is built with H5P itself, so it's easy to go back and forth between the menu and content types. You can familiarize yourself with the types' different uses in only a few minutes by experimenting the options.

Upload an H5P Exercise

Found an H5P resource you like? Consult the reusing H5P guide to see how you may be able to use or adapt it. Once you have the ".h5p" file, you can save it in your H5P files by pressing "Upload" at the top of the Hub and selecting the file. You will have a chance to modify the content after it loads successfully.

Only files ending with ".h5p" can loaded using the H5P Content Hub.

Settings Panel

Unlike the Hub, the Settings Panel below always offers the same options. From here, you can change how the object is shared with others and how it works with Canvas, among other settings.

Default settings allow for universal sharing (without changing the original) and selects a student's final attempt for grading. Be sure to carefully check that the multiple settings reflect your preferences, both when creating from scratch and uploading pre-made H5P content.

Collaborate and Share Content

There are two ways to share content. From the content portal, files and entire folders can be shared by accessing "Share with organization" from the dot-menu on the right.

In the pop-up menu, select the "Collaborators" tab. Individual collaborators can then be added by name or email address.

Collaborators can be added to single content items during editing via the Settings Panel.

Not seeing files or folders on virginia.h5p.com? Double check the "Manage Content" options (available on the left side of the page or as a drop-down menu). You will see only your original content (including uploads) in "My Content," only others' content in "Shared with me," and both in "All Content."

What can I make with H5P?

With H5P, instructors can create interactive content that can be integrated with UVACanvas. The most common types of content are: 

  • interactive video: create videos enriched with interactions/quizzes
  • course presentation: create a presentation with interactive slides and questions
  • branching: create individualized, self-guided learning

View all H5P content types (some are not available at UVA due to accessibility limitations of some content types)


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