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Introduction to H5P

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What is H5P?

H5P is a toolkit for digital content creation based on the  HTML5  Package of technologies. If you have   interacted with text, images, videos, or other objects online, you have probably already used H5P content. More importantly, H5P has made building your own interactive content as easy as drag and drop. Educators and support staff have begun creating and integrating digital presentations, assessments, review material, and other rich, engaging tasks to their classrooms. This document presents a summary of what is possible with the H5P toolkit and how UVA instructors can inquire about joining the digital content author community at our University.

A&S LDT Introduction to H5P - Google Docs - Google Chrome

What does H5P look like and how does it work?

  • H5P provides 26 tools to develop interactive material to teach, review, and assess (with support for all major languages).    
  • The course presentation, interactive video, and quiz or question set are examples of the most popular and versatile of H5P types. 
  • H5P content maker can be integrated into Collab, where course material will be created and stored, including a connection to Gradebook. 
  • Software automatically tracks, displays individual and class results for activity. 
  • Coming soon: H5P community content bank (OER) for sharing content you made and discovering what others have created.
A&S LDT Introduction to H5P - Google Docs - Google Chrome

3 Steps to H5P-powered Content

1. Choose your activity type

2. Upload your base material (slides, lecture video, etc)

3. Write interactions (notes, comprehension checks, etc)

How-to and other information

  • Try out H5P right now on their website (with email registration). This site cannot be used to make course materials. 
  • Tutorials to learn how different types of content are made. 
  • Examples and info about all content types in the H5P toolkit. 
  • Youtube tutorials are added daily. 
  • A so-called "H5P periodic table" presentation with all content types and ideas for their use.

Examples of H5P in Action

H5P Workshops

UVA Learning, Design & Technology offers workshops on creating and using H5P content for the university classroom. Please check LDT’s event calendar to see if one is scheduled or email A&S LDT to ask for more information.


Author Accounts 

An account with H5P-authoring permissions, an author account, must be acquired before a UVA faculty or staff member can create H5P content. Request an account at H5P — UVA Learning Tech (virginia.edu)


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