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Zoom's whiteboard and annotation

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Zoom allows you to annotate on a shared screen and to share a whiteboard on which all participants can write.

Setting up the whiteboard

Ensure that your settings at virginia.zoom.us have the whiteboard function enabled.

During your meeting, select the Share Screen option at the bottom. In the dialogue box that pops up, select "Whiteboard." Click "Share."

Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting


In order to allow your users to annotate, check your settings at virginia.zoom.us. The option should be selected for "Allow host and participants to use annotation tools to add information to shared screens."

My Settings - Zoom - Google Chrome

During the meeting, when you share your screen, you and your meeting participants will have an annotation palette which will allow you to draw on the shared screen. This palette will allow you to type text, draw lines and insert shapes, insert stamps, spotlight, erase, and select annotations. You are also able to clear all annotations.

(Note: The tools Select, Spotlight, and Save are only available to the user who initiated screensharing.)

Whiteboard - Zoom

Saving the annotated whiteboard

In order to save your whiteboard annotations, first make sure that the appropriate setting is activated at zoom.virginia.us: "Allow saving of whiteboard content."

If you would like every whiteboard to be automatically saved, select "Auto save whiteboard content when sharing is stopped." Indicate whether you want it saves as a PNG or PDF.

My Settings - Zoom - Google Chrome

If you did not select auto saving of the whiteboard, anytime in a meeting you would like to save the whiteboard, click the "Save" icon on the annotation palette. It will by default save as a PNG file: if you would prefer a PDF, click the caret next to the icon and select PDF.

Whiteboard - Zoom

After your whiteboard has been saved, a notification will appear with a link to show the whiteboard in its folder on your computer.  

Whiteboard - Zoom


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