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Using UVACollab Collaboration sites to create WordPress ePortfolios and websites

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Students can use a UVACollab WordPress template to quickly set up a site for individual or group use.

UVACollab Collaboration sites remain available for UVA community use at this time (August 2022). This article will be updated as the process to retire UVACollab moves forward.

Instructions for Students

Access full Instructions for creating a Collaboration Site in UVACollab

  1. Make a Collaboration Site in UVACollab
    1. Use the Site Builder in your left-hand menu. Select Collaboration site.
    2. When prompted, select From Template
    3. Select the Basic WordPress template, as pictured below.
    4.  Publish your site using the Publish Site button.
Screenshot depicting Basic WordPress template selection in UVACollab Site Builder
  1. (optional) Via your UVACollab site's Site Settings, add class group members as Administrators or Members to your site. These group members will automatically have access to edit your WordPress page.  (access the full help article via UVACollab)
Screenshot depicting Add Participants section of Site Settings within UVACollab.
  1. Customize your Wordpress Page via the wordpress dashboard. You can give your WordPress a name (you can change it later, too). Follow the UVACollab Help instructions to change your WordPress site title
Screenshot depicting the Site Identity section of a UVACollab WordPress site, with a text entry field underneath "Site Title"
  1. Share your WordPress with your instructor. From UVACollab → WordPress → Right Click on Dashboard → Open Link in New Tab → Copy address and share as instructed.
A screenshot depicting the UVACollab WordPress site interface. The arrow hovers over Dashboard and a dialogue box displays "Open Link in New Tab" at the top of the list..

Suggestions for Instructors

If you want groups to be able to view other students/groups WordPress sites as they work, compile the URLs for the student sites and incorporate them into a shared space (such as a UVACollab Lessons page or Canvas Page) and publish it.

If you want students to only share their work with you, or to delay sharing of their final work, create a shared space but leave it hidden/unpublished. It will still be visible to the instructor as needed.

Longevity of WordPress sites

Students can export their WordPress sites if they plan to use their site beyond the course term (for example, as part of a portfolio of work). UVACollab sites and associated WordPress content will not remain available indefinitely. UVACreate, a low-cost service of the UVA Library, is a possible platform for long-term viability of a UVA-affiliated site.


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