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How to see your notes while presenting PowerPoint slides in Zoom

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In the classroom, PowerPoint Presenter View is a useful feature which allows you to project your slides on the big screen, while viewing your speaker notes and slide sequence on the computer monitor. This effect can be replicated at home even with a single laptop. 


  1. Start your Zoom meeting a few minutes before participants join.
  2. Start PowerPoint.
  3. Minimize all other application windows except for PowerPoint and Zoom.

In PowerPoint

  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Start Presenter View. (Mac users: Select Slide Show from the top menu, then select Presenter view. PC users: Press alt-F5.)
  3. Presenter View will fill your entire screen.

Back in Zoom

  1. Navigate back to Zoom using hotkeys. (Mac users: Hold down the Command key and tap the Tab key until the Zoom icon is highlighted. PC users: Hold down the Alt key and tap the Tab key until the Zoom icon is highlighted.)
  2. Click Share Screen.
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  4. Select "Portion of Screen."
  5. Click Share.

6. A green frame will appear on top of your PowerPoint Presenter View window. Use the mouse to size and move the frame so that it encloses the current slide in Presenter View.

7. Navigate to the slide you want to start with using the PowerPoint arrows under the current slide.

8. Click "Stop Share" (leave your presentation in Presenter View).


When your students have arrived and it comes time to share your screen:

  1. Click "Share Screen."
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  3. Select "Portion of Screen."
  4. Click "Share."
  5. The green frame should properly enclose your current slide in Presenter View.


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