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Recording Zoom (Online Meetings) Meetings

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Recording provides flexibility for students who are unable to participate in synchronous class sessions. Recordings must be maintained in a password-protected space to be used for course purposes only; otherwise storing or using recordings requires student permission.

Zoom offers different options for recording meetings. You can set up your meeting to record automatically. In your meeting settings, simply select "Record the meeting automatically" and indicate whether you want it to record locally or on the cloud. The recording will start as soon as you begin the Zoom meeting.

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You can also begin recording within the meeting itself by selecting the "Record" icon at the bottom and then choosing whether you would like to record on your computer (locally) or to the cloud.

Zoom Meeting

Recording locally


  • Better for editing your video with third-party video editors (iMovie, Camtasia, Premiere Pro, etc.)
  • You can choose exactly where to upload your video (Media Gallery, Box, OneDrive, etc.


  • Video files can be very large and take up lots of space on your computer.
  • Sometimes files may be saved locally in a non-universal format that may not be playable on certain devices (may require you to reformat the video into a different file type)
  • Requires additional steps to share your video, especially if you are recording with Zoom.

If you decide to record your file locally, we recommend uploading it to Collab via Media Gallery to avoid taking up space in your Collab Resources and so that students do not have to download the video to view it.

Recording to the cloud


  • Requires fewer steps to share your video than local recording.
  • Your video goes directly into the "Online Meetings" section of your UVACollab site (unless you use your Personal Meeting Room), which makes them easier for students to access.


  • Zoom recordings are stored for 180 days and then automatically deleted if not moved (to My Media, for example)

If you record to the cloud, you are able to rename your cloud recordings.

  • Go to virginia.zoom.us.
  • Select the "Recordings" option on the left and open the recording you wish to rename.
  • Next to the name of the recording you will see a pencil icon: click the pencil to type in a new name for your recording. Click Save.
Recording Information - Zoom - Google Chrome

It can take up to 24 hours or longer to process your cloud recording.

Recording in your Personal Meeting Room

When you record a meeting in your personal meeting room, your recordings do not go to the Online Meetings “Cloud Recordings.” 

You should receive links in your email when the video has uploaded to virginia.zoom.us. The email will contain two links: the first is for you, only, as the author to edit the video. You can use it to trim beginning/end of the video, and change some other small settings; the second link is for the students.

Layout of Zoom recordings

There are several Zoom recording layouts. What you, as the host, are seeing on the screen, may not be the layout of your recording.

By default, the meeting recording will show the active speaker and any screen sharing. Viewers of this recording can toggle between ‘speaker view’ and ‘gallery view’ while watching (To learn more about meeting view option, click here). During the portion of a video in which the screen is shared, screen sharing is prioritized, and takes up the bulk of the screen. In this situation, the gallery view is not available.

Learn more about Zoom's recording layouts.

You can adjust the layout of your recordings, and record additional views, by changing your cloud record settings in your virginia.zoom.us profile. Learn more about cloud recording settings.


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