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How do I update Zoom?

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Using the Zoom desktop client is recommended for all hosts of, and participants in, online course meetings via Zoom. Zoom meetings hosted via a web browser or from a mobile device (instead of the desktop client) can have limited functionality.

Visit UVA ITS for  more information and to download the Zoom desktop client for your computer

Why should I update my Zoom desktop client?

Updating your Zoom desktop client gives you access to new features and security settings, which are being developed very quickly. These settings and features can make class activities and interactions more effective and easier to manage.

Updating may also reduce the possibility of incompatibility between your Zoom and that of other participants in your meeting.

Be sure to recommend that your students also update their Zoom client regularly!

How to update my Zoom desktop client

  1. Open the zoom application on your computer
  2. Click your profile in upper right corner (this is either a photo you’ve uploaded, or your initials, as circled in photo below).
  3. Select “Check for Updates” and follow the instructions to complete updating.

photo: Zoom profile "Check for Updates" feature, via support.zoom.us

Visit Zoom Support for more information.


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