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Self-Guided Intro to VoiceThread

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What is it?

❏ VoiceThread allows instructors and students to present, discuss, and annotate a variety of media asynchronously.

Why do I use it?

❏ Common uses of Voicethread include pre-recorded lectures, student presentations, asynchronous discussions around media (videos, audio, images, files), and providing feedback on student work through audio, video, annotation, or typed comments. Advanced features also allow instructors to assign VoiceThread content creation for a grade (integrated with Collab gradebook).

How do I practice?

❏ You can explore making a VoiceThread by logging in at ​https://voicethread.com/login​ (search for University of Virginia).

❏ Or, ​add the VoiceThread tool to your Collab site​ and immediately begin creating and sharing contentwith members of that site.

What do my students need to know?

❏ Get students acquainted with how to use VoiceThread at the start of the course, by offering a sample VoiceThread for them to watch and comment on. You might ask for students to introduce themselves via an audio or webcam comment.

❏ Students can create and share VoiceThread content just as you can, either from inside UVACollab or via the VoiceThread site or mobile app.

How do I get help?

❏​ Collab Support​ has documentation for several VoiceThread features. A&S Learning Design andTechnology also supports A&S instructional use of VoiceThread.

Self-Guided Training

VoiceThread Can-Do’s (Essentials)

❏ I can create a new VoiceThread and add various types of media (​help​)

❏ I can add VoiceThread to my UVACollab page (​help​)

❏ I can navigate VoiceThread (​help​)

❏ I can prepare and add a PowerPoint to VoiceThread (h​elp)

❏ I can add audio, video, and/or text comments in VoiceThread slide (h​elp​)

❏ I can use the doodle function to annotate a VoiceThread (​help​)

❏ I can delete a slide from VoiceThread (​help​)

❏ I can edit an existing VoiceThread (​help​)


VoiceThread Can-Do’s (Advanced)

❏ I can share a VoiceThread with a group, colleague or student (​help​)

❏ I can speed up a comment or slide narration to save time (​help​)

❏ I can narrate multiple slides in one audio or video comment (​help​)

❏ I can add VoiceThread links to a Lessons page in Collab (​help​)

❏ I can allow students to add their own slides to a VoiceThread (​help​)

❏ I can moderate comments in VoiceThread (​help​)

❏ I can provide private feedback to a student comment (​help​)

❏ I can replace a slide in VoiceThread and not lose the comments attached to it (​help​)


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