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Make Lecture Capture recordings available to others

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Sharing on UVACollab

When you stop recording, your file will automatically begin uploading to UVACollab. Depending on the length/complexity of the recording, the upload and processing of the file can take up to a few hours. The file also remains on your computer's hard drive unless you erase it.

To view or share your video, return to your UVACollab site and re-open the Lecture Capture tool from the left-hand menu. You will see your recording on the screen (it may still be processing).

(Optional) Use the Settings menu to edit the recording name, explore sharing options, etc.

To share recordings with students, point students to the Lecture Capture tool in your site, where they will be able to view your video. By default, Lecture Capture videos are available to students enrolled on your course site. Adjust share settings via "Settings" if needed.

You can share outside of your Collab site by getting a shareable link. For more information on sharing broadly, click here.

From within the Panopto window in UVACollab, click "share" for the video you wish to share

Change the settings from "Specific People" to "Anyone with the link."

How do I share my Panopto lectures | Learning Design & Technology, U.Va. - Google Chrome

Please be aware that the option "Anyone at your organization with the link" can be used as long as you use the link ONLY within UVACollab. If you send it by email, for instance, the link will not work until students log into UVACollab.


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