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What are some tips for a good Zoom session?

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Here are a few tips for a successful Zoom meeting:

  • Start your meeting a couple minutes before class time to have time to set up.
  • If you’ll be using links to additional materials during class, be sure to have them easily available for sharing, and consider making them available to students in advance (via Collab Lessons, email, etc).
  • Adjust your 'security' settings as needed to allow students to share their screens, chat, etc.
  • If you are recording your session, say, “This class is being recorded” at the beginning of class or enable automatic recording notification in Zoom meeting settings.
  • If using a slideshow, include slides titled “Questions?” to remind yourself to pause to ask for student questions and/or to review the chat.
  • Keep the chat open throughout the class for feedback and questions. Make your TA (or a responsible student) a co-host and have them monitor chat for questions and comments.
  • It is not recommended to share video or audio (a YouTube video or film clip, for example) over Zoom. Instead, make the link available to students and allow them to access the media directly from their own devices.

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