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Using Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint

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The Poll Everywhere PowerPoint app allows you to integrate Poll Everywhere questions directly into your PowerPoint slides.


Remember to create your Poll Everywhere account and sync your Collab course with Poll Everywhere. 

Download the Poll Everywhere PowerPoint app at https://www.polleverywhere.com/app/powerpoint/win.


Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint | Poll Everywhere - Google Chrome

After clicking "Download for Windows," follow the prompts to complete installation on your computer.

Once installation is complete, open PowerPoint on your computer. You will see a Poll Everywhere tab in the top ribbon.

Creating content

Click the "Poll Everywhere" tab. To create a new poll, select "New."

If you are not already logged in to Poll Everywhere you will be prompted to do so.

Log in or create an account

Once you are logged in, you will be able to create new content. For more information on creating Poll Everywhere activities, refer to this article

Inserting existing content

To insert Poll Everywhere questions you have already created, select "insert." If you are not already logged in to Poll Everywhere you will be prompted to do so.

Select from the existing content you have.


During class, you will be able to present your PowerPoint slides as normal. When you reach a slide with a Poll Everywhere question, your students will be able to follow the link on their own devices and respond to the poll. You can display results directly on the PowerPoint if you so desire.


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