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Show Zoom Interface During Screen Share

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Go to https://virginia.zoom.us/profile and log in with NetBadge

Enter Settings and go to the Meeting tab

Image of Zoom account menu options with "Settings" highlighted
Image of the three Zoom account tabs  Meeting, Recording, and Telephone, with Meeting in blue and underlined

Scroll down to Show Zoom windows during screen share and turn it on

Image of Zoom account setting titled Show Zoom windows during screen share and a button indicating the setting is turned on.

Open the Zoom application on your computer and select the Settings gear icon under your profile icon

Image of the area in the interface of the Zoom application that displays the user profile icon, a search bar, and a gear icon under the profile icon. The gear is circled in red.

In the Settings window, go to Share Screen and select the checkbox next to Show my Zoom Windows to other participants when I am screen sharing

Image of Zoom settings window with Share Screen highlighted in blue and a red rectangle around "Show my Zoom windows to other participants when I am screen sharing" option, which is checkmarked.


Yitna Firdyiwek

The link to the Zoom settings page should be https://virginia.zoom.us/profile. If we use just https://virginia.zoom.us we end up on the ITS page which is very confusing.

Jason Bennett

Fixed! Thanks Yitna

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