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Uploading documents to your team

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Microsoft Teams allows you to create and upload files that will live within your team. These documents will be available to all team members. (Note: If a file is created/shared in a private channel, it will only be available to members of that channel.)

To upload files, navigate to the channel where you would like the file housed, select the Files tab, and click upload. The files/folders you select will then be stored in the Files tab for that channel.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

In addition to uploading files that already exist, you can create new files directly within Teams. From the Files tab, select +New and choose the type of file you would like to create.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Files will only be visible in the channel in which they are created/uploaded. For example, if you upload your course syllabus to the general channel, students will need to open the Files tab in the general channel to view it; if you upload a course reading into the Files tab for your "Unit 2" channel, students will access that file from "Unit 2," etc. If you want the same file in multiple channels, you will need to upload it in each channel.

You can access all of your files from across all of your channels and teams by selecting the Files icon on the left-hand menu. This repository has a search function, so if someone forgets where a certain file is housed, it is possible to find it here. Each file is labeled with its team location.

Files | Microsoft Teams

Making a file into its own tab

Teams allows you to insert a file into its own tab so that it is displayed prominently at the top of a channel. Putting files into tabs is a great strategy for housing a syllabus or other important course or unit document so that students always know where to find it.

To do this, first upload the relevant document to the channel. Then click the plus sign to create a new tab.

1. Russian alphabet (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Select the type of file you would like to add. (Note: Selecting "Document Library" will allow you to import a document from another team. Selecting Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or Word will show documents from the Files tab within the channel you are working in.)

2. Nominative case (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Select the file you would like to be in the tab and click Save.

2. Nominative case (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Your file will now be in its own tab. Click the caret next to the title to access settings, rename, or remove.

2. Nominative case (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Organizing files in your team

Teams provides you with a great deal of flexibility in how you want to organize your course.

Perhaps you will set up a channel for each week or each unit of the semester. In this formal, you can use the Files tab of each unit channel to house readings, documents, slides, and other files relevant to that particular unit.

Or perhaps you will set up channels for specific groups of students where they can work together and collaborate. You can upload important documents to the Files tab in their group channel, and they will also have the ability to create and collaborate on files there.

However you decide to organize your course and your files, remember to communicate with your students so they understand your organization and know where to find the files they need.


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