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Student Guide: Group Video Projects

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This guide introduces straightforward ways to create, edit, and submit group video assignments while learning remotely. These instructions do not cover every detail of the process, but will help you plan the technical aspects of a project.

1. Set up an online Zoom meeting.

  1. Everyone in the group should make a UVA Zoom account and download Zoom to their computer, if they haven’t already. When you want to record, the host schedules a meeting and invites your group to it by sending them the link/password. 
  2. Be sure Zoom is up to date on your computer (open the app-->click your pic/initials-->check for updates)
  3. Note: the person who schedules and hosts the meeting will end up with the recording.

2. Record your video.

  1. Before pressing the record button, let everyone practice for a while (if needed), and check microphone levels and cameras to be sure everyone can be seen/heard. 
  2. Make a test recording, and review it. This is key! Include all participants and any screen sharing of slides, etc. 
    1. If you’re recording to your computer, then whatever view you see on your screen should be what gets recorded to your video. To have all your group members appear all the time, be sure you’re in Gallery View before you start recording (learn how to switch views).
      1. Note: if anyone shares their screen, only the screen share and the active speaker will be visible while the screen is being shared.
    2. If you want to only record your screen, without the faces of any participants, record to the cloud, and elect to record the screen share separately (learn to change cloud recording settings)
  3. If you don’t need HD video and don’t plan to edit your video (beyond possibly trimming the start/end of the video), record to the cloud. You will end up with a link to your video that you can share easily.
  4. If you do need high quality video, or plan to edit your video (beyond just trimming the start/end of the video), record to your computer. This means you’ll later have to put this video in an online space so your instructor can view it (see some share options below).

3. Edit your video.

  1. If you need to trim the start/end of a video you recorded in Zoom: follow these Zoom instructions
  2. If you need to do more extensive editing: check out the Video Editing resources on this page (scroll down)

4. Share your video.

How you share your video may depend on how your instructor sets up the assignment. Here are a couple of options: 

  1. Via Assignments or Tests & Quizzes in UVACollab: if your instructor has asked you to submit your group video to Assignments, then you will want to follow these instructions to submit your video
  2. If your instructor has asked you to submit your video by email, post a link on a course site, etc, note that you can’t share a video file this large as an attachment. Instead, share the LINK to the video. 
    1. If you recorded a Zoom meeting to the cloud, share the link to the recording you made (or, if you trim your video, you should see a new link after you’ve finished trimming). 
    2. If you recorded and edited on your computer, you’ll need to make your video available online, and then share the link. Putting it in the Media Gallery of your course’s Collab site is a secure option for sharing with the class (your instructor will probably need to ‘moderate’ or ‘approve’ the video, FYI). Uploading to your account on UVA Box and inviting your instructor (and/or classmates) to it is another good option.

Help is Available: UVACollab Questions: [email protected]    //   Zoom, Box, etc Questions: ITS Help Desk


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