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Creating polls in Zoom Polls

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To conduct live quizzes with right/wrong answers, and to be able to evaluate individual students' performance on quiz questions, use Poll Everywhere. You can set polls up with right/wrong answers, and download detailed reports of student participation and responses as a .csv file. 

Zoom in-meeting polls do not assign points for right or wrong answers. While you can download a .csv report that indicates individual students' responses to items, the report will not indicate whether a student's response was 'correct'. 

Using Polls inside Zoom

Zoom's In-Meeting Polls are helpful if you want simple text-only, multiple-choice polls, and don't want to use a separate tool/program to run them. 

What you do:

  • Create your Zoom meeting in UVACollab Online Meetings.
  • To add a poll before your meeting (recommended), navigate to virginia.zoom.us to access your Zoom account in the web browser, and find the meeting you wish to add a poll to. Click the title of your meeting.
My Meetings - Zoom - Google Chrome
  • Scroll to the bottom until you see the "Poll" tab. Click "Add."
Meeting Information - Zoom - Google Chrome
  • Title your poll and add questions. You can have single choice or multiple choice answers. If you wish to add more than one question to your poll, click Add a Question.
    • Note: If you have questions you would like to release to students at different times during class, make them into separate polls. All questions you put into the same poll will be released at the same time to students.
Meeting Information - Zoom - Google Chrome
  • During your meeting, select the Polls icon at the bottom. Click "Launch Polling." (Note: You can also create polls in real time during the meeting by selecting the Polls icon and clicking Edit, but students will have to wait while you create the poll, so setting polls up beforehand is generally a good rule of thumb.)
Zoom Meeting
  • The poll will then be released to students and you will be able to monitor responses in real time. You can close the poll when you are ready and then either share the results with students or re-launch the poll if you want students to answer again.
  • After the meeting go to virginia.zoom.us to download the poll report. The report will list individual students' responses in a .csv file (a file that opens in Excel and other spreadsheet programs).

Note: Since there is no way to indicate in Zoom whether an answer is correct or incorrect, if you are grading students on accuracy, you will need to manually go through their answers to mark them as right or wrong.

What students do:

Your poll is broadcast to students during the meeting inside of Zoom. Students select their answers. As long as they are logged into their UVA Zoom account (that is, they are not a ‘guest’ in the meeting), their results will be recorded and accessible via a “report” download.

More Information:

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