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Recording your lecture via a classroom computer

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Before you begin, add the Lecture Capture (formerly Panopto) tool to your UVACollab site.

Create a new lecture capture recording

In your UVACollab site, open Lecture Capture. This will automatically open a new window. 

Click on the "Create" button and select "Record a New Session."

In the popup window that opens, click "Open Panopto Recorder." (Note: After clicking "Open Panopto," wait while the program opens.)

A new recording session will open.

Set up your recording in Panopto

(Optional) Choose the folder where your video will be saved and name your video. By default, your lecture capture will record to your computer and then automatically upload to your Collab site.

Choose your input sources (that is, WHAT will be recorded). 

If you want to appear in the video, choose a webcam or video camera from the "Video" dropdown under "Primary Sources."

Notes: The name of the camera in the white box will be different for you. In a classroom, adjust the camera via the "Camera Control" button on the Crestron Panel. If you will show a video as part of your lecture, click the "capture computer audio" checkbox.

Choose your Audio by selecting a microphone that is connected to your computer. (Note: You must select a primary audio source for a successful recording.)

After selecting, test audio by speaking in a normal voice. You should see a few green bars appear as you talk. If you don't see any, or see the red/yellow bars highlighted, adjust the volume using the slider. (Note: If you are in a large classroom, the microphones already installed in the ceiling will record audio.)

To record your screen, PowerPoint slides, or additional cameras, choose from the options under "Secondary Sources."

When you're ready, click the Record button at the top. Panopto will start recording all of the sources you've selected.

If you've chosen to record your screen, you can minimize Panopto and begin displaying the content you wish to present.

When you are finished, maximize Panopto and click the Stop button.

Click the blue DONE button, and your video will automatically be uploaded to your Collab site's Lecture Capture folders.


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