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Get some inspiration

When logged in to Flipgrid, try out the Disco Library (Discovery Library) to explore many Flipgrid topics are available for reuse.

  • With the widespread move to remote teaching, Flipgrid offers new webinars described here: https://blog.flipgrid.com/flipgridpd
  • Get some ideas for topics and prompts for your subject area. https://blog.flipgrid.com/amplify
  • Use the Disco Library (Discovery Library) to find ready-made Flipgrid Topics. Edit them to suit your class’s particular needs. 

Change my notification settings to get fewer emails

Follow this link for more info.

Use Flipgrid for an exam

When creating a topic, turn on Video Moderation. Students videos will only be visible to you. 

Set Launch and Freeze dates to limit access to a particular set of dates.

Give students feedback

Open your topic. All student responses will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Click the person’s ‘selfie’ to watch their video. You can give feedback in two ways: 

  1. Viewable by the whole class: use the "comment" section to make your own response to a student's video
  2. Viewable by the student only: the options to provide feedback, use the grading rubric, and make private comments allow you to provide private feedback. 

Make a screencast in Flipgrid

Use Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser. 

See this article for more information.

Have student’s videos be visible ONLY to instructors

Have students’ videos serve as a response to a prompt, article, etc.

See this article for more information.

Set specific availability dates for my Flipgrid

Edit videos before submitting

Limited editing options are available (trimming from ends and flipping/mirroring). Videos can be re-recorded prior to submission if more substantial changes are needed.

Make Student Videos Private

For instructions, see this article.

Mirror Videos (useful for ASL!)

For instructions, see this article.

Use and Edit Captions

For instructions, see this article.

Feature great videos

Click the star next to a student’s video to make it a “Featured Video” for all students.

Make my Grid more accessible to all my students

For instructions, see this article.

Embed a Flipgrid directly on UVACollab

This is not recommended, as students are generally unable to record into embedded content. Instead, use the Collab  “web link” tool to make a permanent link to your Flipgrid page, in your Collab tools menu. Or, add links to specific Flipgrid Topics in your Collab “lessons” pages.

Record a grade from Flipgrid in UVACollab

Flipgrid is not integrated with Collab. You will need to manually add grades to Collab.

Share a Grid with colleagues

For instructions, see this article.

Duplicate a Grid for use in a new semester

For instructions, see this article.


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