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Can I adjust how my H5P grades transfer to UVACollab?

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H5P, by default, sends a grade to the UVACollab Gradebook or Gradebook Classic tools (if installed) whenever a student interacts with an H5P item that is linked via the External Tool option in Lessons. Instructors can adjust these settings. 

Default Settings

By default, each H5P item that is linked as an "External Tool" in UVACollab Lessons will send information to the Gradebook/Gradebook Classic for each user who interacts with that item. 

By default, the information sent to the gradebook reflects the student's last attempt at completing the H5P item (to adjust, see below). Note: there is currently no way to limit the number of 'attempts' a student can make on a given item. 

The grade that is sent to gradebook will be out of an arbitrary 100 points. This default point value can not be changed. To adjust how H5P items are weighted in your course grades, consider using Columns and Weighting  (review the UVACollab Help Article "How do I set up my Gradebook?").

Adjusting your settings

It is possible to send a student's First, Last, or Best Attempt to the Gradebook/Gradebook Classic. By default, their last attempt is sent.

To adjust which attempt is sent to the Gradebook,  edit the H5P item (access the item via UVACollab or virginia.h5p.com). Scroll down to the LTI settings and select your preferred option.

If you have an item you do not want to include in the gradebook, edit the H5P item, scroll to the LTI settings, and select "Do Not Send Score."


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