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Accessing Flip

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Use Flipgrid in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. There are also IOS and Android apps (screen recording not yet available outside Chrome and Edge).

Access Flipgrid effectively

  • Faculty: use your @virginia.edu and log in via “Microsoft” if prompted. 
  • Students (including TAs): use your @virginia.edu account and log in via “Google” if prompted.

Student Access

Students gain access to your grid via a grid code, link, or QR code you generate and share with them.

When setting up your grid, set your grid type as ‘school email’ and include @virginia.edu as the domain, for security & privacy. 

Students (including TAs) should use @virginia.edu account and log in via “google” to access your Flipgrid.

To preview what your students will see, click the grey “VIEW” button on any flipgrid topic. You’ll need to log in (use your Microsoft Office 365 credentials).


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