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How can I give a guest access to my Zoom online meeting?

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Non-UVA guest speakers can share experiences and expertise that enrich the learning experience. Welcoming them to class via Zoom is a simple way to promote this enrichment and collaboration.

To ensure your guest speakers can access the meeting, you may need to adjust settings in your online meeting, share the link with them, and follow up to share any recordings, as necessary.

1. Adjust your Online Meetings Settings in UVACollab.

Do not require registration or authentication.

If you intend to record and share the recording, select the box next to "Record the meeting automatically" and the radial button next to "In the cloud."

Click save.


Navigate to your Online Meetings in Collab and scroll the meeting and date for which the speaker will be joining your class. Click the link to open the meeting settings page.

Click "Copy the invitation."

Select the meeting link, ID, and passcode. Copy these into an email to send to your guest speaker. (Alternatively, you can click the blue "Copy Meeting Invitation" link at the bottom and send them all of the information, but they really only need the link, ID, and passcode.)

Ensure that the setting requiring authentication is turned OFF.

3. During the meeting: Make your guest speaker a co-host

Making your guest speaker a co-host will allow them to share their screen and have other permissions they may need for their presentation.

Ask your guest speaker to show up a few minutes early to the meeting so that you will have time to ensure correct setup.

When your guest speaker arrives to the meeting, select the "Participants" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Locate the name of your guest speaker in the Participants panel that appears on the right. Hover over their name until you see two blue buttons appear. Select the "More" button

Select "Make Co-Host."

Click "Yes" to confirm.

4. After Your Meeting, Share Recordings (if needed)

Open Online Meetings in UVACollab, and click Cloud Recordings.

Click the title of the meeting you'd like to access.

You will likely see at least one "Recording" and one Audio-Only" file. Click the share button on the appropriate recording.

Click the copy button. This copies the recording link to your clipboard, so that you can paste it into an email or document to share.


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