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Creating polls in Microsoft Teams

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Teams provides basic polling capabilities through Microsoft Forms. There are two ways of creating a poll.

Creating a poll within a post (limited functionality)

In the Posts tab in the desired channel, start a new conversation and click the Forms icon to insert a poll into your message.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

A box will pop up allowing you to create multiple-choice answers with up to six options. You can decide if you want to share the results automatically and if the poll is anonymous. If you release the results, they will appear on the Posts page underneath the poll itself.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Creating a poll as its own tab (more functionality)

In the desired channel, click the plus icon at the top to create a new tab.

1. Russian alphabet (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Select the Forms icon.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

You will be prompted to create (and name) a new form or add an existing form.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

When you create a new form, you will be given options for the types of questions to include: multiple choice, text entry, rating, date, ranking, Likert, file upload, and net promoter score. You can also divide your poll into sections.

Create the questions you would like in your poll. The poll will automatically save as you create it.

1. Russian alphabet (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Once you have finished adding your questions, your poll will be active within its tab at the top of the channel.

To access advanced controls for the poll, click on More --> Settings on the top right menu. This will allow you to determine dates for the poll, specify who can take the poll, etc.

General (Russian 101) | Microsoft Teams

Other polling options

If you require additional polling capabilities, consider using Poll Everywhere. You can bring Poll Everywhere's website (or a specific poll) into your team in a separate tab.


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