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Intro to Flip

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Uses of Flip

  • Video Discussion: Students (and instructors) can post videos (min 15 seconds, max 10 minutes) and reply to one another's videos, much as they would reply to one another in a written discussion board.
  • Give Feedback: Instructors can respond to student videos, highlight great work, give feedback, and assign grades.
  • Quizzing: Instructors can create quiz prompts to which students respond via video, without being able to see other students’ responses. 
  • Screencasting: Instructors and students can create a screencast to capture screen, webcam, and audio all at once (Chrome & Edge only--this video gives full details). Maximum video length is 10 minutes.


  • Free 
  • Does not integrate with Collab gradebook.
  • Selfie, Video, and Screencasting modes are available
  • There is a free library of reusable and shareable instructional material (AKA “Grids” and “Topics”) that are free and customizable. 


There is no on-grounds help resource for Flip. Many online help resources exist:


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