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Conducting meetings in Microsoft Teams

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Instructors can set up meetings for the Class team. Click on the arrow next to “Meet” in the upper right corner of the General channel. Select “Schedule a meeting” and you will be able to enter the specifics for your course meeting.

Meeting info and links will automatically appear on each team member’s calendar in Teams (and in Outlook) and an announcement will be posted to the Posts page in the general channel.

Team members can set up meetings with their classmates or group members within a channel. (Note: You cannot schedule a meeting in a private channel, but you can select "Meet Now" at an pre-arranged time.)

Important: Whenever joining a meeting, participants should be careful to click on “join” (when a meeting has started, it will appear in the post page as a new post with a visible “join” button) rather than “meet now” or they will end up starting their own separate meeting rather than joining your meeting.


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