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Posting grades to Gradebook

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In order to post grades to Gradebook in the new (Spring 2021) Gradescope integration, you MUST first link your Gradescope assignment with Lessons. You can complete this linking process at any time before you post grades.

Once your assignment is linked and graded, select "Review Grades" in Gradescope.

Scroll down and select "Post grades to UVACollab."

A box will pop up showing you the linked Collab site and linked assignment. Select "Post Grades."

You will be notified in that same box when grades are posted. Once grades are posted, you can close the dialogue box and go to Gradebook to view the grades.

In Gradebook you will see all the imported grades for that assignment. You are able to manually change any grade or input a zero for a student who did not submit an assignment.

UVACollab Test : Gradescope 1.3 Testing : Gradebook - Google Chrome


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