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Editing a recording in Panopto

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Open Lecture Capture in Collab. (It should open the program in a new tab.) 

Navigate to the folder where you saved your uploaded recording. 

Hover over the recording you wish to edit and select the edit icon.

A new tab will open where you will be able to view, edit, and replay your recording.

Important note: Anytime you make a change, it is a good idea to click "Apply" in the top right-hand corner. (When prompted, click cancel to avoid closing the editor.) This will save your changes so that you do not lose any of your edits.

Adding captions

Videos should be captioned for accessibility and ease of access. To add captions to your Panopto recording, select "Captions" from the left menu. You can either type your own captions, import automatic captions, or upload or request captions. 

Editing slide information

If your Panopto recording includes slides, you will notice that the slides were already titled and indexed automatically. You are able to edit these titles, add additional information, or even delete a slide. 

Select "Slides" from the left-hand menu. Hover to the right of the slide you wish to edit and click the three dots that appear. A menu pops up allowing you to either edit or delete that slide. Select "Edit."

You can edit the slide title, the time the slide appears, and the keywords. You can even add links to the slide in order to direct students to further information or a related assignment. 

Adding a Quiz

To add a quiz to a specific time in the recording, select "Quizzes" from the left-hand menu. Click "Add a Quiz" to create a new quiz.

Create your quiz questions. To change the question format, click the arrow next to the question type.  

Scroll down to add more questions. When you are finished, select "Done."

Trimming the recording

To trim the recording, select the scissors icon. Click on the recording where you would like to start cutting and drag to the end of your desired cut. (For more precision in trimming, use the magnifying glass on the right-hand side to zoom in.) The sections you trim will be highlighted in gray. 

Your cuts will appear in the left-hand menu under "Cuts." You can delete an unwanted cut here to restore the original recording. 

(Note: Don't select "Apply" at the top right until you are satisfied with the cuts you have made!)

Editing or adding a stream

To edit or add a stream, select the "Streams" option from the left-hand menu. 

Click on the three dots next to an existing stream to edit it. The following menu will appear, allowing you to give your stream a title, change the start time of the stream, and select a VT type. 

To add a new stream, select "Add Stream" and upload your desired audio, video, or PowerPoint file. 

Other options

Click the plus icon next to the scissors to open a shortcut menu to add content into the video. From here you can add a stream, a clip (another Panopto recording), a quiz, a YouTube video, or a webpage. 


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