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Flip and Microsoft Teams

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Flipgrid can be integrated into Microsoft Teams course Teams in two primary ways: 

  • to link to Flipgrid groups or topics in a Teams tab or channel
  • to create graded Flipgrid assignments in Microsoft Teams Assignments

Chrome and Edge are recommended browsers for interacting with Flipgrid.

Sharing a Flipgrid Assignment

In order to create Assignments, faculty users may need to do the following prior to attempting the instructions linked above: 

  1. Create your MS Teams Course Team
  2. Create, in your MS Teams Course Site, an Assignment. Any ‘dummy’ assignment will do. You can make it be worth zero points.
  3. Add at least one student to your course (could be anyone with an @virginia.edu address--doesn’t have to be a student registered in the course).

Creating a Flipgrid Tab in your Teams Site

Follow the instructions for "Creating a Flipgrid Tab."

More information for students

To create and turn in a Flipgrid assignment via MS Teams

  • go to your MS Team, click Assignments, and select the appropriate Assignment. 
  • click the link to Flipgrid, listed under “Reference Materials.”
  • sign in to FG (using your Google UVA credentials)
  • record their response. 
  • copy the link that appears after they finalize their video. 
  • paste this link into the “link” section of the Assignment, in MS Teams, and turn it in.


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