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How do I add interactive H5P content to my UVACollab site?

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H5P is a tool for creating and sharing interactive content. UVA A&S LDT has a limited number of licenses available to faculty in the College. Contact us to learn more.

How do I add H5P content to a UVACollab site?

Before you begin, be sure to 

1. Add the Lessons tool to your UVACollab site (UVACollab Help: How do I add a tool to my site?)  and

2. Request for H5P to be enabled on your site. Requests can be sent directly to Hope Fitzgerald (hf6v) and should include the exact course title and/or web address of your Collab site. 

This video introduces the content authoring process. (textual steps available below)

  1. Navigate to the Lessons tool to your UVACollab site
  2. Click "Add Content +"  (or the "+" directly below the location where you want to insert your content)
  3. Select "Add External Tool" 
  4. Select H5P from the list that appears
  5. Give your item a meaningful Tool Title and Button Text (these should be the same), and press enter (or scroll down to click save)
  6. Once you've done the above, a link will appear, with the title you supplied in step 5.

  1. Click the link you created in step 5 above. 
  2. Scroll down and click "Continue".
  3. You will be sent to virginia.h5p.com, where you can create new content. 
  4. Create content by clicking "add content" and selecting a content type. Helpful tutorials are available inside each content type. 
  5. When you've finished creating your content, it will be automatically available via the link you created in step 4 above.  

A&S Learning Design and Technology has a site dedicated to getting started with H5P. Access the site via this link (you'll be prompted to sign in to Collab). Contact Hope Fitzgerald (hf6v) or [email protected] for more information

What can I make with H5P?

With an author license for H5P, instructors can create interactive content that can be integrated with UVACollab. The most common types of content are: 

  • interactive video: create videos enriched with interactions/quizzes
  • course presentation: create a presentation with interactive slides and questions
  • branching: create individualized, self-guided learning

View all H5P content types (some are not available at UVA due to accessibility limitations of some content types)


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