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Sharing Your Document Camera View

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Requesting a Document Camera

To request a document camera, please visit this link: https://learningdesign.as.virginia.edu/remote-teaching-hardware-request

NOTE: This document assumes you have the Hovercam Solo Plus, Hovercam Solo Spark, or Okiolabs Okiocam (all available at above link)

Sharing Your View Option #1: Via Zoom

The simplest way to share your document camera view is via Zoom. 

  1. Open your Zoom Meeting
  2. Start your video
  3. Select your document camera from the video option arrow (see screenshot below)

Option #2: Share Via Document Camera Software

This option allows you to take full advantage of your document camera, as the included software will have options for Zoom, Rotation, Freezing the Frame, etc.

  1. Download the software appropriate to your document camera:

    Hovercam Flex

    OkioCam Recorder
  2. Launch the application
  3. Select "Screen Share" in Zoom and share your Document Camera Software Window (see screen capture below)


My document camera software is showing my laptop camera!

You may need to reboot your system prior to launching the software. Make sure your document camera is plugged in before you boot.

My camera is plugged in, but I can't see anything!

If you are using a laptop, make sure it is plugged into its charger. The document camera is powered over the USB, and if your battery isn't putting out enough juice it won't power the camera.

I need help with the document camera software / I have another issue related to document cameras

Please feel free to reach out via our email [email protected]; we're happy to help!


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