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Setting up Gradescope

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Under Site Settings on your Collab site, go to Manage Tools. Scroll to the bottom, select “Plugin Tools” and check the box for Gradescope.

Open the Gradescope tab in your course. If you already have a Gradescope account associated with your UVA Netbadge, it will automatically open within Collab. If you do not have an account, by opening Gradescope in Collab you will automatically create an account for yourself (Gradescope will email you a link to create your password.)

Note: Even if you are using Teams or another platform as your course home, you will still want to link Gradescope with the Collab site associated with your course. This will allow for a streamlined syncing of grades with SIS at the end of the semester.)

Setting up a Gradescope course

Opening the Gradescope tool within your Collab site will bring up a box prompting you to link a Gradescope site with your Collab course. Select "A new Gradescope Course" to create a new course with the same name as your Collab course. Click "Link Course."

Each time you or your students open the Gradescope tool in Collab now, you will be taken directly to the linked course.

(Note: If you have other Gradescope courses, you will also have the option to link to an existing Gradscope course. In most cases, you will want to create a new course specific to each Collab site.)

Finish creating your course by editing any desired settings on the next page. It is fine to simply leave everything on default and select "Update Course."

Syncing your roster with Collab

Within the Gradescope tool in Collab, select “Roster” from the left menu. Click "Sync UVACollab Roster" at the bottom of the page.

When prompted, select "Sync roster."

All students added to your Gradescope course will be notified and emailed with access information for the course. If students have never used Gradescope before, a Gradescope account will be automatically created for them using their virginia.edu address.

Note: Anytime your SIS roster is updated, you will need to manually re-sync the roster in Gradescope. It is best to do this before you post Gradescope grades to Collab Gradebook.

Gradescope is now set up in your Collab course and you are ready to begin creating assignments.


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