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Creating a homework assignment

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Note: In order for an assignment to be synced with the Collab Gradebook in the new (Spring 2021) Gradescope integration, you MUST link your assignment through the Lessons tool. Refer to this article for more information on linking your assignments. 

Select "Assignments" from the left toolbar in Gradescope.

Scroll to the bottom and select "Create Assignment" from the bottom toolbar.

In the dialogue box that pops up (Collab users will need to scroll to the top to see this) select the Homework/Problem set assignment type then click "Next."

A dialogue box will pop up with settings to configure for the exam/quiz.

Assignment Settings:

  • Name your assignment.
  • Upload a PDF with the assignment questions or description.
  • Select whether the instructor or student will be uploading submissions. (Note: Generally the instructor uploads the submissions in an in-person course where students hand in a physical copy of the assignment. Student submission is generally used for online courses where students are working remotely.)
  • If the students will be uploading their submissions, you will need to input a release date and a due date. You can also select a late submission deadline.
  • Select if there will be a time limit and how long the students have to complete the assignment once they open it in Gradescope.
  • Select whether you want a variable length submissions or templated.
    • Variable length means that students can answer the assignment questions in any format--handwritten on their own paper; typed in a document, etc. This provides more flexibility for the students in responding.
    • Templated (fixed length) requires the students to either print and write on the template you provide or download and edit it on their computer. All submissions will be the same length and on the assignment template. While this is more cumbersome for the students, it will allow for advanced grading capabilities--answer grouping which can greatly speed up the grading process.
  • You can enable group submission, in which students are able to submit one assignment per group and receive one grade per group.
  • You can enable template visibility, which allows students to see and download the template you uploaded with the exam/quiz questions. (Note: Unless you have posted the exam/quiz elsewhere, you MUST enable template visibility or students will not be able to view the exam/quiz.)

Once you are satisfied with the settings you have chosen for your exam/quiz, select "Create Assignment." (You can always come back later and adjust your settings if you would like.)

Next you will create an outline based on your template. The outline tells Gradescope how many questions there are, how many points each question is worth, and (if you selected a fixed-length submission type) where each response should be recorded.

  • For each question on your assignment, select "+new question" and input the question name and point value.

If you selected a fixed template assignment, you will be prompted to select the region in which each question should be answered by the student.

(If you selected a variable-length assignment, you will not need to worry about this step.)

Once you have entered all of your questions, select "Save Outline."

Your homework assignment is now set up.


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