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Creating polls with Poll Everywhere

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Using Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is helpful for running multiple types of poll questions, using images, and embedding poll questions in a PowerPoint or other presentation platform. Reports provide you with detailed data on student performance on each item.

What you do:

Poll Everywhere applications | Poll Everywhere - Google Chrome
  • If you do not want to integrate Poll Everywhere with another program, you can begin creating polls directly within Poll Everywhere.
  • Whether in an integrated app or directly on the website, you will be able to create a variety of different poll types. You are able to indicate correct answers to the questions, so it will be possible to use poll results for graded activities.
Activities | Poll Everywhere - Google Chrome
  • When you are presenting live in class, activate your poll (either through Poll Everywhere or the integrated app you chose) and share the poll web link (pollev.com/your_username) with students.
What is the color of the sky? - Google Chrome
  • In order to download grade reports, you will need to connect your roster via Collab. On your Collab site, open the Poll Everywhere tool. This will open Poll Everywhere in a new tab and prompt you to sync your roster. For more details, look at page 8 of this guide.
  • After the poll has been administered, you will be able to download the grade report.

What students do:

When you activate the poll during your class, students will go to the link and log in to Poll Everywhere. They can respond on their phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Because they have logged in, their responses will be recorded and accessible via a “report” download.

Much more information:

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