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Canon Rebel DSLRs


The Canon EOS Rebel T6i an T7i are DSLR cameras that allow you to take photos and video. The two models are very similar and so many of the articles for one may apply to the other.

Using Video Mode
  1. Switch DSLR setting to video mode (video camera icon).
Diagram of mode dial on the Canon DSLR with switch set to video mode
  1. To set movie recording size, enter Menu, arrow over to the 2nd video menu and enter Movie rec. size. ​For full HD, use the setting FHD 1920x1080 29.97P.
  1. Press the button with a camera icon to start and stop recording.

Keep in mind that while DSLRs can record video, they have a 30 minute recording limit. You will not be able to record continuously past that limit and will instead need to stop and resume recording.

  1. To manually focus, set the lens focus mode to MF. ​
  1. Press the button that has an icon of a magnifying glass with a plus symbol in the center.  You will see a square frame (magnifying frame) appear on the screen.
  1. Use the arrow buttons to move the magnifying frame over the subject you want to focus on.
  1. Press the magnifying glass button to zoom in closer to your subject. This makes it easier for you to see if the subject is in focus. You can zoom in 1x, 5x, or 10x.
  1. While looking at the magnified image, turn the lens focusing ring to focus. After achieving focus, press the magnifying button until you return to the normal view.
Canon Rebel T6i

Use these links to read the corresponding manual instructions for the T6i.

The following video provides a general overview on T6i functions.

Canon Rebel T7i

Use these links to read the corresponding manual instructions for the T7i.

The following video explains the new user interface and how to change it back to the old interface (used on the T6i).

This video provides an in-depth explanation of white balance settings on Canon EOS cameras.

Adjusting Audio on a Canon DSLR
Using DSLR Mic with an Extension Cable

You can use the Rode shotgun microphones that come with the DSLR kit either by plugging them in directly and mounting them ontop of the camera, or by using the included extension cable and mounting the microphone on a light stand. The following explains how to use the latter method.

Plug the male end of 3.5mm extension cable into the mic input and plug the DSLR shotgun mic into the female end of the extension cable.

Importing Footage/Images
  1. Insert SD card into computer or use a USB card reader
  2. SD card will appear on desktop (if it was formatted to the camera, it should be named CANON or something similar)
  3. Double click SD card to reveal contents
  4. Open DCIM folder to view/preview files
  5. Copy whichever files you need by selecting one or more and dragging them to your computer or external hard drive


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