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The following information goes over the the basics for using the GoPro Hero 8 Black cameras and the equipment that comes in the kit.

Removing and Reattaching the Battery Door

The battery door needs to be opened in order to insert or remove a battery, insert or remove the micro SD card, or to plug in a USB C cable or the audio adapter cable.

Removing the battery door:

  1. With the camera facing you, the battery door is on the left side. At the bottom of the door there is a notch.
  2. Pull down on the notch until you hear a click. You will notice the red marking under the notch.
  3. You can then rotate the door opening up exposing the battery, the SD card slot, and the USB charging port.
  4. Gently force the door upwards until it snaps off at the top.
Diagram of how to remove GoPro battery door

Reinstalling the battery door:

  1. With the battery door in the fully open position, press the 2 clips onto the metal bar and press towards the metal bar and you should hear a light click.
  2. Move the door up and down to ensure it's properly seated.
  3. Move the door to the fully closed position and press toward the camera.
  4. Move the notch towards the top of the camera. 
  5. You should hear a light click and notice that the red marking is not visible and that the door is flush with the camera. 
  6. Give a press to the top corner of the camera near where the door clips onto the camera.

The following video shows you how to remove the battery door, insert the micro SD card and battery, and reattach the battery door.

Charging Batteries

The GoPro kit comes with 3 batteries. You can charge 2 batteries at a time using the dual battery charger. The supercharger plug allows for faster charging and can be used with the dual battery charger or plugged directly into your GoPro camera to charge an inserted battery. When using the dual battery charger, the lights on the batteries will change from yellow to green to indicate they are fully charged.

The following video details how to use the GoPro Supercharger and the dual battery charger (relevant information ends at 1:44).

Mounting the GoPro

There are several different mounts you can use with the GoPro. All of them use the same locking mechanism.

  1. Flip the folding fingers on the bottom of the GoPro down into the mounting position.
  2. Interlock the folding fingers on your camera with the mounting fingers on the buckle.
  3. Secure your camera to the mounting buckle with a thumb screw.
GoPro mounting diagram

Connecting to an External Microphone

You are welcome to just use the built-in microphone, but for the best quality sound and to reduce background noise, you can attach an external microphone.

  1. Connect the microphone to your camera’s USB-C port using the GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter.
  2. From your camera’s main screen, swipe down to access the Dashboard.
  3. Tap Preferences > Input/Output > Audio Input.
  4. Use the Standard setting for the RODE shotgun microphone and the Powered Mic setting for the lapel microphone.

See the manual section on connecting external microphones for more information.

Exposure Control and Locked Exposure

If you notice that your subject is too bright or dark, you can use the exposure control setting to set a new reference point for the exposure levels.

  1. Press the touch screen until a set of brackets with a dot in the middle appears in the center of the screen. This is the Spot Meter. It will base the exposure on the center of the shot.
  2. Drag the brackets away from the center if you want to use another area of the shot to set the exposure. (You can also tap that area instead of dragging the brackets.)
  3. Check the screen to see if the exposure looks good. Tap the spot meter again to enable locked exposure. You will see the text at the top change from Auto Exposure to Locked Exposure.
  4. Tap the check mark symbol in the lower right corner to complete the exposure adjustment.

Note that your new locked exposure setting will override the auto exposure settings. If you move your camera away from the source you set exposure for, the camera will not automatically adjust the levels. Turn off locked exposure to resume auto exposure settings.

Diagram of exposure interface and controls on GoPro Hero 8 Black

Playing Back Your Media

Swipe up on the touchscreen to see the last video or photo you took. Swipe left and right to flip through the other files on your SD card.

GoPro media playback interface

See the manual section on media playback for more information.

Importing Footage onto Your Computer

Import Camera Files to a Computer - Windows 10

  1. Open the camera battery door and plug in a USB C to USB A cable. Connect the USB A side to your computer.
  2. Turn on your camera.
  3. Once your computer detects the camera, you may be given an prompt to choose what you would like to do next (if the prompt does not appear, skip to step 6).
  4. You have the option of importing the footage via the Photos app, or to open the device to view the files.
  5. If you choose to Import photos and videos, the Photos app will launch and give you the option to import your files.
  6. If you choose Open device to view files, File Explorer will launch. Double-click on your camera.
  7. Double-click on GoPro MTP Client Disc Volume.
  8. Open DCIM, and then 100GOPRO to access your GoPro files. You can move your videos onto your computer's hard drive from here.

You can also remove your Micro SD card from the GoPro and insert it into the SD card adapter, which then can be inserted into your computer either via an SD card slot or using a USB card reader. See here for more information.

Import Camera Files to a Computer - Mac OS

  1. Open the camera battery door and remove your Micro SD card.
  2. Insert the micro SD card into the SD card adapter, which can then either be inserted into your computer via an SD card slot or using a USB card reader.
  3. Once your computer detects the camera, you should see the card pop up on your desktop. Double click the card icon to open the folder.
  4. Open DCIM, and then 100GOPRO to access your GoPro files. You can move your videos onto your computer's hard drive from here.

See this article for more information.

For more information on using the GoPro Hero 8 Black, see this article from GoPro.


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