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Teleprompter Mounts


There are two different iPad teleprompter mounts that are mounted to the pedestal/dolly systems in the Media Studio. The following article explains how to use each one.

Telmax Teleprompter Mount

1. Loosen this knob on the bottom of the iPad mount to adjust its position on the slider. When you have it where you want it, remember to tighten it.

Bottom side of Telmax teleprompter system displaying a knob with a red circle aroumd it.

2. Loosen the knobs on the underside of the iPad mount’s arms to adjust the rotation of the brackets.

Underside view of teleprompter mount's arms displaying a red knob with a red circle around it.

3. Place the iPad on the mount in between the two arms. Ensure that the script is displaying upside down.

Image of an iPad with text displaying upside down. The iPad is resting in between the 2 arms of the telepompter mount.

4. Rotate the brackets until they are aligned with the two corners of the iPad. Tighten them using the red knobs underneath them to keep the iPad in place.

Image of an iPad with screen text displaying upside down. The iPad is resting in between the 2 arms of the telepompter mount and the brackets are rotated to fit the corners of the iPad.

Glide Gear Teleprompter Mount

Place the top and bottom of the iPad in the top and bottom sliding holders and tighten in place using the knobs underneath the front bracket.

Image showing an iPad in mounting tray with one side being gripped by the sliding bracket.

For information on teleprompter software, see the articles for Teleprompter Premium and PromptSmart Pro.

For more assistance, you can speak to Media Studio consultants during regular studio hours, or you can email Jessica Weaver-Kenney ([email protected]).


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