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Teleprompter Premium


This article will explain how to use the Teleprompter Premium software, which is one of two teleprompter apps installed on the iPads in the Media Studio.

Teleprompter is a good app to use if you have someone available to control the scrolling of the script for you. You will need to use 2 iPads for this — one for the talent to read from, and the other for the teleprompter operator to view the script and control its scrolling speed.

If you want to use Teleprompter without someone to control it for you, it is also compatible with a Bluetooth keyboard.

You can also simply set a scrolling speed using the controls as displayed below. If you choose this option, you should make lots of blank space at the start of your script so you can start scrolling and get in front of the camera.


Image of teleprompter controls with the follow functions from left to right, settings, reverse scroll direction, Jump to beginning/end, advance script, and scrolling speed.
Importing a Script from Your Email
  1. Select the mail app
iOS mail app logo
  1. Choose one of these mail apps and log into your account (DO NOT select iCloud)
  1. Find the email with your attached script. Your script file must be either a Word document or a PDF.
  1. Select and hold the attachment.
  1. Select Share.
  1. Select Teleprompter.

Make sure to REMOVE your email account once you are done using the iPad. To do this, go to SettingsMail Gmail (or other email provider) → Delete Account.

Importing a Script from Google Drive Google Doc

1. Sign into Google Drive

Google Drive logo

2. Select the three little dots on the right-hand side of your Google Doc script.

3. Select Share

4. Select Teleprompter

5. Select Use plain text

Make sure to REMOVE your Google account once you are finished with the iPad. To do this, go to the Google Drive app → select your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner → select Manage accounts on this device Remove from this device.

Advancing Your Script Using Bluetooth Keyboard
  1. Press the on/off button on the side of the Bluetooth keyboard to turn it on
  2. The teleprompter app will recognize the keyboard. Press the spacebar to start and stop scrolling. You can also use the keyboard to edit your script.
Advancing Your Script Using 2 iPads
  1. Turn on both iPads
  2. Open the Teleprompter app on both iPads
  1. On one iPad, select the remote icon in the upper right-hand corner (or the remote button in your list of scripts).
  1. Choose Nearby Devices.
  1. Select Host Session.

You should see "Hosting:" followed by the number of the iPad you're using.

  1. On the second iPad, select the remote icon in the upper right-hand corner (or the remote button in your list of scripts).
  1. Select Join Session.
  1. Choose the number of the iPad that is hosting the session.
iPad prompt screenshot that reads "Choose 1 to 7 invitees" with the number of the iPad 0830 below
  1. On your host iPad, select Accept.
iPad prompt that reads "Teleprompter 0839 wants to connect". The words Decline and Accept are below in blue and Accept has a red circle around it.
  1. On the second iPad, once you see Connected, select Done.
Screenshot of Invitees screen with the word "Connected" next to the number of the iPad.
  1. Select the script on the host iPad.
Screenshot of two scripts in the program

The script and script controls should pop up on the iPad you have chosen as the remote.

Screenshot of script with remote controls in a small box on the right-hand side
Advancing Your Script with Your Phone's Browser
  1. Select the Remote icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Blue remote icon
  1. Select WiFi/LAN via Web Browser
Screenshot of menu with WiFi/LAN via Web Browser circled in red
  1. Type the URL mentioned in the instructions into your phone's web browser.
Screenshot of web browser control instructions
  1. You should now see the teleprompter controls on your phone's screen.
Screenshot of teleprompter controls in phone browser

For more Teleprompter Premium information, tap the “Help” section within the application, or use this link.

Help button in the Teleprompter app

If you would like to use a teleprompter software that has voice recognition, see the article on PromptSmart Pro.

See this article for assistance with the teleprompter mounts.

For more assistance, you can speak to Media Studio consultants during regular studio hours, or you can email Jessica Weaver-Kenney ([email protected]).


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