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PromptSmart Pro


Use this software if you would like to advance your script using voice recognition. As you speak, the script will follow along with your voice. You must be speaking English to use the voice recognition feature. PromptSmart can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Importing a Script
  1. Open the Mail application.
Image of Apple Mail app icon.
  1. Choose one of these mail apps and log into your account (DO NOT select iCloud).

Make sure to REMOVE your email account once you are done using the iPad. To do this, go to SettingsMail Gmail (or other email provider) → Delete Account.

  1. Find the email with your attached script. Your script file must be either a Word document or a PDF.
  2. Select and hold the attachment.
  1. Select Share.
  1. Select PromptSmart Pro.
  1. Select Post.
  1. Your script will pop up in your list of saved scripts. Select your script name to open it.

It may take a few seconds for your script to appear in the list. You can refresh the page by dragging your finger downward from the top of the list. A longer script will take longer to load.

  1. Select Settings to change things like font, background, and scrolling. When you’re ready to start, select the Play button.
PromptSmart interface with action buttons circled in red.
  1. Select the Play/Stop button to start. Select it again to stop. You can only select the Settings or Exit buttons when the script is in “stop” mode.
App interface with script. First sentence highlighted in blue. Action buttons across the button include Exit, Record, Play/Stop, Settings, and Beginning of Script.
Indicator and Guide

The guide is the blue bar that highlights the section you’re reading. It can highlight a line or several lines if you prefer.

App interface displaying scrip text with the second line highlighted in blue

The indicator is the small arrow that points to the line you are on. Both the guide and the indicator can be turned off in Settings.

Script diplayed in app interface with a red circle around a small, gray triangle placed next to the second line of text.

For more help with PrompterSmart Pro, go to their help center page: https://promptsmart.com/help

The other teleprompter software installed on the studio iPads is Teleprompter Premium.

See this article for assistance with the teleprompter mounts.

For more assistance, you can speak to Media Studio consultants during regular studio hours, or you can email Jessica Weaver-Kenney ([email protected]).


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