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Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavaliere Mics


Each set of Sennheiser G3 Wireless lavaliere mics contains a transmitter, which connects to the lavaliere microphone, and a receiver, which connects to the video camera. These mics are ideal for interviews or presentations, where a person wears the microphone by clipping it onto their clothes.

Adjusting Settings on the Mics

1. Channel Setting

Ensure that both your transmitter and receiver are on the same channel. Press one of the up/down arrows to display the channel if it is not currently shown.

The channel is displayed in the upper right hand corner in the form of one number followed by a decimal point and a second number.

Sennheiser wireless lav displaying channel settings

2. Settings Menu

To check your settings, press SET and use UP/DOWN to see other settings categories.

Sennheiser wireless lav with arrows pointing to SET and UP/DOWN arrow buttons

3. Changing Settings

To change a setting, press SET to select the desired setting and then use UP/DOWN to change it.

Sennheiser wireless lav displaying chanel settings

4. Frequency Preset

To change frequency, go to Frequency Preset and select SET.

Sennheiser wireless lav on Frequency screen, with an arrow pointing to SET button.

Select UP/DOWN to change the frequency preset. The numbers on the bottom are your current frequency. The highlighted number is the preset (e.g. 1, 2, etc.). Make sure the frequency numbers match on the transmitter and receiver.

Sennheiser wireless lav on Frequency screen, with an arrow pointing to UP/DOWN buttons.

If you have more than one set of mics, ensure that each set is on a different frequency (e.g. interviewer set to channel 2.1, subject set to channel 2.2)

5. Mute

If you see the word MUTE across the screen, press the ON/OFF button once to unmute the mic. Also ensure that the mute button on top of the transmitter is not set to MUTE.

Sennheiser wireless mic currently in mute mode
Settings for the Canon XA10 Cameras

Ensure that the following settings are in place when using the mics with the Canon XA10 cameras.

Squelch should be set to Low.

Sennheiser wireless lav on Squelch setting of "Low".

AF Out should be set to -18 dB (this setting is only on the receiver, which is the device that is plugged into the camera).

Sennheiser wireless lav on Af Out setting of -18 dB

Sensitivity should be set to -30 dB (this setting is only on the transmitter, which is the device with the microphone).

Sennheiser wireless lav on sensitivity setting of -30 dB

Auto Lock should be set to Inactive.

Sennheiser wireless lav on Auto Lock setting of Inactive

For more help with the Sennheiser G3 wireless lavaliere mics, you can consult the official manual.

Any other questions can be directed to Media Studio consultants during regular studio hours, or you can email Jessica Weaver-Kenney ([email protected]).


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