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WordPress in UVACanvas - Student Experience

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This guide will briefly explain the experience for students using WordPress in UVACanvas.

How Students Access WordPress in UVACanvas

Click the WordPress link in your UVACanvas course site.

You will land on the course WordPress page (if your instructor has customized the Home page, it will look different than the screenshot below).

When students click on the WordPress tool within a UVACanvas course site, they’ll be able to access both the ‘class blog’ (and contribute to it, by default) and their individual site.

If your instructor has published the list of all student WordPress sites, you will have access to view and comment on your classmates' blogs.

Hovering over My Sites on the left side of the top menu will show you a list of sites you can go to. A site that references “[your computing ID] Studen­t Blog for [course site title]" is your individual, editable site for the class specified in the title.

Student sites are designed to be course-specific, meaning that when the student loses access an instructor's site (when they graduate, for example) they lose access to their WordPress site. To maintain access to the student work at the end of the semester, exporting content at the end of the semester is recommended.


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