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WordPress in UVACanvas - Instructor Experience

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WordPress can be used in UVACanvas to:

  1. Create a shared 'course WordPress site' for all users
  2. Create both a shared site and individual sites for each enrolled student

Installing WordPress in UVACanvas

Add the WordPress tool to your Course Navigation Menu.

Directions: How Do I Manage Course Navigation Links - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com).

When the WordPress tool to is enabled on a UVACanvas course site, the instructor(s) and students will all be able to contribute to the WordPress site. 

Creating Individual Student WordPress sites in UVACanvas (steps for instructors)

  1. Select the WordPress tool in your Course Navigation Menu. This will open WordPress in a new browser tab.
  1. Select the My Sites link at the top of the WordPress screen.
  1. A list of all of your WordPress sites will be shown in tile mode. 
  2. Find the site title that corresponds to the course you are teaching. Select Create/Update Student Blogs.

Note: Visit takes you to the course WordPress site's Home page. Dashboard takes you to the Dashboard, where you can see recent site activity and update information.

Managing Student WordPress Sites

Click Show Student Blogs to see a list of student sites with a timestamp of their latest activity.

Click Refresh Student List to refresh the list of students and reflect changes such as student adds or drops.

It can take up to several minutes for the timestamp to update.

WordPress is an evolving platform. While its current iteration as part of the UVACanvas LMS is fully functional, there may be additional features introduced. Your feedback is welcome ([email protected]).


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