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Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing application that is great for creating tutorials and presentations. It is installed on all 8 of the computers in the editing lab, but there are two different versions.

Camtasia 2

Camtasia 2 is installed on the 4 iMacs located on the right side of the room. Please read the following instructions to ensure the best possible screen recording settings when using Camtasia 2.

Complete the following 3 steps BEFORE recording your screen

1. In Camtasia, go to the top menu bar and click Camtasia. Scroll down to Preferences and select it.

2. Click the Canvas button and change Canvas Dimensions to Original Recording Dimensions.

3. Go to Recording and ensure that the Screen Frame Rate is set to Full-motion (30 fps). Change it if it isn’t.

Complete the following 3 steps when you are ready to export:

1. Click Share in the top menu bar. Scroll down and select Advanced Export.

2. Select the drop down menu next to File Format and select Export to Main Concept (.mp4). Remember to name your export file and choose a file destination. Select Export to create your video file.

Camtasia (2019)

Camtasia (2019) is installed on the 4 iMacs located on the left side of the room.

Please refer to the official Camtasia user guide for basic usage information.


For more assistance, you can speak to Media Studio consultants during regular studio hours, or you can email Jessica  Weaver-Kenney ([email protected]).


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